Your invitation to the ultimate

Foundation Breathwork Training

10 breath journeys. 5 Days. Paradise Island.

A profound exploration of self.

How you breathe is a direct reflection of how you live.

Join us for a deep dive immersion into conscious connected breathwork. This training lays the foundation for a solid personal practice and opens you to the pre-requisite healing and integration of self required to hold space for another.

In alignment with international training standards, this is the first step to becoming a certified breathwork practitioner or simply a phenomenal investment in your own personal exploration and healing.

This is soul-revival

A deep knowing of self

  • Freedom from limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns
  • Clarity and openness within the mind and body
  • More compassion and ease within your relationships
  • Healthier nervous system and adrenal function
  • Increased capacity and resiliency

You'll leave this experience with:

  • The why and how of the practice of breathwork
  • An overview of and tools for a breath journey
  • The mechanics of the breath
  • The nervous system and cognitive functions
  • The endocrine system and the emotional body

Plus you'll take away an understanding of:

  • Ceremonial welcome and opening circle
  • 10 sessions of conscious connected breathwork
  • Daily movement and ecstatic dancing
  • Foundations manual
  • Shared accommodations - 6 nights, 7 days
  • Catered whole food, high vibrational meals
  • Beach, nature and rest time
  • Debriefing, integration and group council
  • Techniques for taking your practice home
  • Closing circle and take-home goodies
  • Follow-up integration call
  • Tools for life

$2499 USD/person

Each 50 Hour Training Includes:

  • Books for recommended reading
  • Transport to and from retreat venue

Not Included:

  • In-person or phone interview 
  • Experience with conscious connected breathing


  • Becoming Supernatural - Joe Dispenza
  • Holotropic Breathwork - Stanislav Grof

Recommended Reading:

"Thank you Edward, for the work that you do.

For someone that went to see you out of curiosity for the work that you do, rather than a specific traumatic experience / physical pain, I found the session to be nothing short of powerful and empowering. The breath work session, and increased oxygenation to my brain, put me in a trance like state, while you helped shift and release old old pain and trauma that no longer served me. I awoke to a feeling of intense gratitude for all that has come to be in my life, total peace and serenity.

Your calming voice throughout created a safe zone that made me feel as if I was cradled in a mother’s arms. That safe zone allowed you to help me release and shift energies, and awake fully empowered to step into my power. What a fabulous way to start my Sunday, or any day!!

I highly recommend anyone to have a treatment with you, as we all carry around old injuries, old pain, that bog us down and create self-limiting fears. You set people free, allowing them to once again soar."

""I suffered from crippling anxiety at random times in my life and always looked towards traditional methods to relieve the symptoms. Once I discovered Edward’s practice I learned that trauma release was able to heal the core of my anxiety.

With Edward’s techniques, patience, and knowledge for his craft, he was able to improve my perspective on a new healing process. I have gained a better understanding of myself through his practice and will forever carry it with me. Thank you for sharing your courage and understanding with me Edward."

What clients are saying

Please note: This 50 hour foundations training is one of two, 50 hour training modules required to complete the 100 hours foundations level.

It can be done as part of the training towards the practitioner's path, or simply experienced as a deep dive into personal healing via the pathways of the breath.

Listen to Edwards lecture - How We Breathe Is How We Think

You're invited to be a part of the remarkable group of warrior souls who've already said yes.

Together we rise.

Join us today.

Edward is trained in Nervous System Health, Chinese Massage & Pressure Points, Breathwork, Nerve Flossing, Qi Gong, Biofield Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation. He constantly studies modern approaches to anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and developmental patterns.

Having been caught in an avalanche, and suffering from PTSD, Edward went on a path to discover how to heal himself.

Edward is passionate about using breathwork and movement to heal the nervous system, based on his own lived experience, research, training and years of clinical practice.?

Meet Edward

Ps... We know people share experiences that move their heart and fill their soul. If there's someone in your life you feel could use a week or two of soul-revival, share the love and spread the word. We'd love to have them join too.

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